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about-us-melWelcome to the My English Lobby!

As we all know, troubles keep coming into our life step by step. These troubles keep trying to bring us down again and again. In such a situation, we need to keep ourselves very strong from the inside. Through this website, we give you such articles and stories related to self-motivation which works as a power boost for you. Biography of such great people who achieved their life’s goal by hard work. Not only this but also a pack of such facts related to a luxurious lifestyle that motivates you every moment, every time.

This website has been created for the purpose of inspiration and entertainment for young people. It is our endeavour that we try to give the best to you. For this purpose, almost all the articles on this website are edited by professional editors. You can email us to know more things related to this website.

Thanks for visiting our website and giving your valuable time to us.